After a long break from mixed media I returned to exhibiting just over ten years 
ago. My work is situation based and I use traditional materials in new and innovative ways. Much of my work is situated and lyrical. I am currently looking to exhibit in the next few years – please get in touch through my contemporary art node @Damusz and Damusz.com.

Knight,J. (2014). Elämys. Aalto University, Helsinki, April 30th 2010 to May 23rd 2014.

Knight,J. (2010). Origin. Morley Gallery, London, 16th to 27th November 2010.

Knight, J. (2007). Three Cities. Watford Museum, Watford, April 2nd to May 5th 2007.

Knight, J. (2006). Detourne. St Pauls Gallery, Birmingham, 16th to 25th February 2006.

Knight, J. (2004). Tours: Derive circulaire and Birmingham: Derive direct. The New Gallery, Birmingham, 23rd November to 4th December 2004.